10 Places to Promote Your Content Online

If the only place you post your blog content is on your blog itself, you are missing a world of opportunity. Thanks to the many sharing tools on the Internet, promoting your content to a wide network is easy, quick, and powerful. You simply need to know where to go. Here are 10 places to get you started!

1. Email Signature

Include a link to your blog in your email signature. Then, every time you correspond with someone, you point him or her straight to your latest content.

2. Twitter

Share new posts on Twitter, providing a quick description and a link. You may do this manually or automatically via a tool like TwitterFeed.

3. Facebook

Set up a page for your blog on Facebook, and use it to mention every new post when it publishes. As with Twitter, you may do this manually, or you may set your blog to auto-post on Facebook with a tool like If This Then That (IFTTT). If you choose to post manually, try sharing a photo from your post and then the link—Photos perform better on Facebook than straight URLs.

4. Pinterest

You probably already add photos to your blog posts to make them more interesting and valuable—so why not pin them as well? Don’t feel like you should pin only one picture per post, either. If your blog is photo-centric, feel free to pin multiple images, all of which link to the same original post.

5. StumbleUpon

Submit a blog post to StumbleUpon, and it will come up when other users are discovering new pages on the network. If someone likes it, he or she shares or “stumbles” it again. This tool has potential to increase your viral traffic and bring in many new visitors.

6. Google+

Google+ benefits search engine optimization, networking, and more. Backed by the clout of superpower search engine Google, Google+ is constantly growing in influence. Share each new blog post on this network to expand its reach.

7. Instagram

Sharing blog content on Instagram may not be as obvious as posting links on Twitter, but it’s yet another way to get fresh content to your audience’s eyes. Post a photo or screenshot from your article and alert your followers that a new post is up. For followers who don’t know your URL, be sure to say that your blog’s link is in your Instagram profile. (And be sure to put it there!)

8. LinkedIn

For industry-relevant blog posts, sharing a link on LinkedIn makes sense. Your LinkedIn profile has a built-in “update” box where you may add a short description and a link.

9. Digg

Similar to the idea behind StumbleUpon, Digg is a social-sharing site that helps users find new blog posts and Web pages in their interest areas. Share your blog content with a short description, and click the appropriate categories to make it easy to find.

10. Delicious

Like the other resources mentioned in this post, Delicious offers great potential for blog traffic-building. Share blog posts on this bookmarking site to help them spread.

Bonus Tip: To streamline the sharing process, pick an app that makes it easy to share content from within your blog dashboard screen. Check out Social Metrics  for example, which not only helps you share content, but also tracks how your blog is doing across the Web.

While you don’t need to share every blog post to every one of these places and networks, it’s helpful to have them in mind. Think of them as your social media toolbox. Test out sharing on each one and see what generates the best responses and which works best for you. Over time, the more you share, the more you’ll grow!


Shanna Mallon is a writer for Online Media Signals, a PR firm specializing in relationship building, content creation, and content marketing. 


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