7 Reasons Your Company Needs To Be on Social Media

In today’s business world, social media is more than a trend—It’s a necessity. The companies that are active on social networks reap many rewards, and the companies that ignore social media are missing opportunities. In fact, there’s proof.

Take a look at seven of the biggest reasons your company needs to be active on social networks!

1. Your Competitors Are on Social Media (or Soon Will Be)

Think of social media as a tool for competitive research—the perfect, easy place to watch the competition. Want to know what your competitors are doing online and how people are responding? Did they update their website or launch some new products? Keep your eye on them online, and you find out. Need new ideas for using social media to your advantage? Look to your competitors for inspiration, and you will find a host of ideas.

2. Your Audience Is on Social Media

Whether your industry is technology or organic gardening, you have an audience online—A whopping 79% of U.S. adults use social media today, according to Hubspot. So since your customers—both existing and potential—are online, shouldn’t you meet them there? Here are a few of the benefits of connecting with your audience on social media:

  • Attract new business
  • Drive repeat business
  • Provide customer service
  • Enhance connections
  • Observe your audience and gain market intelligence

3. Social Media Is Free Marketing

Because using Facebook or Twitter doesn’t cost you any money, they are incredibly cost-effective ways to market your brand. What’s more, as you promote your content on one social network after another, you give your audience repeated exposure to your message—and repeated exposure often generates sales.

4. Social Media Boosts SEO

Social media activity boosts your online authority and helps increase your presence on search engines—and a strong presence on search engines means more traffic for your site. In fact, if your company is like many others, search engines bring the bulk of traffic to your site. This means that any way you can increase search traffic benefits your business.

5. Social Media Helps You Manage Your Reputation

Thanks to the public nature of the Internet, everyone has a voice, and he or she may be using that voice to talk about your brand. By engaging on social media, you have a way to respond to these mentions and help control your reputation. If someone has a complaint, you are free to respond to it. If someone gives positive feedback, you are able to thank him or her and share those thoughts with your other followers.

6. Social Media Increases Credibility

Because of the prevalence of social networking today, brands that avoid social networks seem behind the times and less legitimate. Brands that actively engage on social networks—especially when they do so consistently—come across as more worthy of trust. So to increase your business credibility and make it easy for users to trust you, get active on social networks.

7. Social Media Encourages Community

Online community has more benefits than you may imagine. When you regularly engage with colleagues and clients, you’re building a network of people. That network offers advice, feedback, new ideas, encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and more. Therefore, even aside from straight marketing, social media has a lot to offer.

Is your company already engaging on social media? Why or why not? Whether you are beginning with one social network or are already active on several, using social networks is a smart, savvy step for your brand.


Shanna Mallon is a writer for Online Media Signals, a PR firm specializing in relationship building, content creation, and content marketing. 

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