7 Ways to Get Your Content on Social Media

Do you want more blog readers? Have you wished more people saw your content? Ever wondered how to increase page views, traffic, and hits? Welcome to the reason so many bloggers and businesses join social media—Social networks are easily some of the most powerful referral traffic sources around. If you want to get your content featured on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, here are some top tips to keep in mind.

1. Be Shareable: Create Valuable Content

The best way to get your content shared on social media is to make your content shareable (i.e., actually worthy of being shared). So focus your energy on creating content people want to spread. Ask yourself how people will benefit from your content. Be original and memorable.

2. Make It Easy: Add Social Sharing Buttons

Add social sharing buttons to your website to make it easy for readers to share your content online. These could be buttons at the ends of your posts, a bar on the side of your pages, or clickable “pin this” links that appear when someone hovers over images in your posts. Here are a few examples:

3. Be Friendly: Engage on Social Media

Social media is called social media for a reason—It’s all about interaction. Don’t wait for people to find you; get out there and engage with them. Friend other users. Repin someone else’s content. Like, comment on, share, and respond to what people post. This builds community, and community builds exposure on social networks.

4. Use Incentives: Run a Giveaway or Host a Contest

Run a giveaway on your blog, and let users enter by sharing your content on social media. As long as you don’t overdo this option, offering incentives to users who share your content can be very powerful. What’s more, your content may keep spreading even after the contest ends, bringing more and more users to you.

5. Set the Example: Share It Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your own blog posts on Twitter or Pinterest, so long as these aren’t the only things you’re pinning. Every time a new post publishes, go ahead and share it on your social networks: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You may even want to set your blog to automatically share to these networks through a plugin like Jetpack.

6. Optimize: Use Keywords for Better SEO

Help users find your content on social networks by regularly incorporating major keywords into descriptions and captions. Users who come to you on a social network are more likely to repin or reshare, as they’re already logged in.

7. Be Attractive: Use Eye-Catching Photos and Videos

Because of the visual nature of the Internet, images do especially well on social media. So to expand your reach, pair your content with attractive, stimulating images users will want to share.

What are your thoughts on social sharing? Are you already implementing all of the above strategies? If not, why not try them and see how they help your content spread!

Shanna Mallon is a writer for Online Media Signals, a PR firm specializing in relationship building, content creation, and content marketing. 

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