How to Write Press Releases Even If You Don’t Have Big News

Think press releases are appropriate only when big launches occur? Think again. Powerful for promoting your business, press releases generate buzz, benefit search engine optimization (SEO), are inexpensive, and encourage media attention—but they aren’t useful only for announcing new products and big changes. The truth is, valuable news is probably happening in your company all the time but you may not think about it. What’s more, you can craft a press release about existing company features and even everyday happenings—all you need is a little creativity.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for how to drum up press release topics to increase your press!

Non-Newsy News

News doesn’t need to be extraordinary. Look around: Have you upgraded any products recently? Hired any new team members? Redesigned the website or launched a blog? Has your company been nominated for any awards? What projects are you starting? Anything you’re beginning, changing, or updating is a possible topic for a press release.

Positive Employee Accomplishments

Maybe it’s not your company that’s getting nominated for an award; it’s your staff. When an executive receives an honorary doctorate, when a manager speaks at an industry conference, or when a team member receives recognition for a personal accomplishment, you have a subject for your press release. Show off your team! It makes you look good, too.

Existing Company Highlights

What are your company’s best features? Why should clients come to you? Say you’re a landscaping company that offers a best-price guarantee—Why not write a press release about it? Maybe you’re a dental practice with a 20% Discount Back-to-School special—Turn that into a headline with a press release. Use your company’s best qualities as inspiration for press releases, and create news where you didn’t know you had any.

New Research

Poll your audience, study industry trends, or gather data and analyze the results. Then, take that information and turn it into a press release that will catch media attention. This idea works well because it takes existing information and looks at it in a new way. If you’re a marketing company, you might survey social media users about trends. If you’re a retailer, you might do a study on what products are most popular with a particular demographic.


Your Thoughts
Looking at this list, do you find yourself newly inspired with press release topics? What other non-obvious ways can you think of to come up with meaningful news? Whether you write about your staff members or your new website design, keep your eyes open to potential news, and you’re sure to find topics to cover.


Shanna Mallon is a writer for Online Media Signals, a PR firm specializing in relationship building, content creation, and content marketing. 

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