Tips for Writing Blog Posts Faster

Who doesn’t want to write blog posts faster? Whether you write for yourself or for various clients, you know that the faster you write your posts, the more time you have to do other things—even if that means writing more blog posts.  So how do you write faster? Are there secrets to creating blog posts more efficiently? Consider the following:

Keep a Running Topic List

Often, the toughest part of writing a new blog post is coming up with the subject—so save yourself a step by brainstorming a bunch of topics beforehand. Set aside an hour or two and list out as many topics as you can muster. Then, the next time you need to create a post, just pull from the list and start writing.

Write an Outline

Sometimes, figuring out what you want to say is harder than actually saying it. This is especially true when writing blog posts. So to save yourself time and trouble, write an outline. When you outline your main points before writing the bulk of your post, creating the rest of the content is much easier.

Curb Your Inner Critic

Nothing slows a writer down faster than the inner critic. You write a sentence and question it. You get halfway through a piece and want to throw it out. At some point, however, that inner critic has to be stopped—especially if you want to write faster. So silence your inner critic by not giving it room in your head. Keep writing instead. And when you finish the draft of your post, then take the time to fact-check and edit everything at once.

Set a Timer

Setting a timer adds a sense of urgency to your work. What’s more, a ticking clock inspires your competitive side, motivating you to work quickly to meet your goal. Set the timer for a realistic amount of time, but make it challenging—This helps you increase speed.

Minimize Distractions

To maximize efficiency, minimize everything that works against it. That means television, radio, phone calls, and so on. Anything that pulls you away from the task at hand must be eliminated.

Blog What You Know

Blogging about something you know is always easier than blogging about something you need to research. That’s why focusing your blog on topics you understand only makes sense—at least when you want to blog quickly. If you’re a business blogger, start with topics relating to what you do every day. If you’re a food blogger, start with your favorite recipes.  The idea is to write about topics that demonstrate your expertise.

The Longer You Blog, the Faster You Write
Take the tips in this post to heart, and watch your writing speed improve—perhaps immediately! Yet even as helpful as the above tips may be, there’s just no substitute for time. The longer you write blog posts, the faster you will become at writing them. So put these tips into practice and keep blogging! Over time, the process will become more and more routine.

Shanna Mallon is a writer for Online Media Signals, a PR firm specializing in relationship building, content creation, and content marketing. 

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